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On a beautiful summer day in Woodstock, NY, fresh off a yoga retreat, the ladies of Mama's Wellness Joint dipped their toes into the Millstream. 

They began to daydream of a place where their local Philadelphia community could have a refuge in nature just a short drive from the city - a gathering of health and wellness practitioners offering classes, workshops, and retreats centered around yoga, nourishing seasonal foods, mindful living, and well, healing in nature.


Shortly after, they set a goal to find a piece of paradise property, and the "Collective" was born. 

Now, we are reaching out to our Community to ask for the Collective's "SEED MONEY." 

We are so happy to have received approval for our 501c3 nonprofit status, If you would like to discuss larger donations, corporate sponsorships or fundraising ideas, please email:


 Also, please send us any of your big ideas, and skills or services you would love to volunteer!

The Board

Paige Chapman...Yoga Teacher; Doula; Co-Founder - Mama's Wellness Joint. @mamaswellnessjoint

Paige brought her enthusiasm for movement to the healing power of yoga. After becoming an experienced adult and prenatal yoga teacher, she became a Doula and further developed her love for the journey women experience on their way to motherhood. She then was inspired to offer her expertise with her own sensibilities and style, through Mama's Wellness Joint. The MWJ community has grown exponentially and touched the lives and hearts of countless clients who often become friends and supporters. 

Through the growth of MWJ, Paige attracted a talented and loyal team, who have more expertise than can be contained at the studio! She decided to  branch out with the Collective and support these women in the dream of a "goddess paradise" to share with all in MWJ's present and future community. Paige's Instagram


Beverly DeCer...R.N.; Entrepreneur; Co-Founder of Mama's Wellness Joint; Founder of Fluoride Free Philadelphia

Bev brings years of experience in healthcare with a focus on holistic health and a proactive approach to wellness. Her attitude is, "there is always an answer, it is just a mater of finding it." While learning to improve her own health she studied the modalities of nutrition, herbs, energy work, homeopathy, exercise, breathing, essential oils, and Ayurveda, to name a few. 

Her entrepreneurial skills were developed along her journey, and included filming an original ballet, "Mowgli" at the Kremlin Theatre. That experience made opening Mama's Wellness Joint with daughter Paige Chapman look easy. Since 2012, Bev has worked behind the scenes at the studio, while also giving consultations, occasional workshops and classes.  She is truly excited about the prospect of developing the Collective's retreat, with the bounty of nature as one magic gift to nurture those who wish to participate. And, working with the dynamic Collective Board is a joy!  Bev's Instagram


Maia DeSanti...Certified Holistic Health Coach; Real Food Educator and Cook; Theatre Artist

Maia has nurtured a lifelong interest in the healing arts and began sharing her passion for culinary medicine long before deciding to pursue a career in health and wellness. Her formal learning, independent study, and personal health practice has centered on somatic awareness, plant medicine, organic gardening, the mind-body connection, and the ancient healing traditions of classical Chinese medicine. She loves teaching people about food energetics, using food as medicine and adopting a lifestyle in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of nature. 

Maia is also an actor and expressive arts facilitator of over twenty-five years. Through personal experience and working with others, she has come to understand how play, creativity, and personal expression can be powerful tools for self-discovery and self-healing. She believes our inborn creativity is the true key to making and mastering positive change in our life.  


Sarah Hummel... MA, LMT, CYT; Mama, Bodyworker, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Sarah is, in equal parts, a mother, a healer and a teacher.  But above all, she is a curious and dedicated student of Life.  As the founder of Sutra Healing Arts, holistic wellness and integrity of body & mind in our everyday is what inspires her to forever be an explorer of living well.  Her goal is to find ways to make ordinary life feel extraordinary. She guides people to a greater experience of their life by helping them step into their personal power and create a new narrative with each evolution of the Self. 

Her personal and professional goals are one ultimate goal: remove negativity and replace it with a deep experience of living and thriving greatness.  Sarah offers intuitive bodywork to help heal and strengthen the physical self.  She also leads mentorship programs for people ready to focus on making this shift through Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.  Her philosophy is based on pushing boundaries, going beyond limits and bursting with pride and excitement for the life that you have created.  Sarah's work focuses on building self-awareness, self-dignity and self-love to become happy, healthy and fully alive.

 Having a shared space for creativity, sacred thought, change-making action and deep connection with Nature is what motivates her to start the Collective. Sarah's Instagram


Jessica Naim... Intuitive; Energy Practitioner;  Teacher; and Spiritual Mentor. 

Jess works with people on a Soul level, aligning the Bodies Energy Centers to release and Transform limiting patterns. Modalities used are a combination of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Soul Reunion Work, Inner Child Integration, PsychK, Mudra Therapy and Dimensional Healing.  Jess helps people to rewrite their belief system to connect to the Truth in their Heart and bring Peace to the past, so they have the Freedom to be their authentic thriving selves. 

She believes that with Loving Grace, dedication and PLAY we can find the Liberation we long for. This has been a life long Journey that keeps getting better!  Jess' Instagram


Patrice Seko... Patrice's Instagram

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